Why you needn’t worry. about me and my experience with cancer. about you. about your gorgeous kids

I don’t want you to worry about me. about my cancer diagnosis. about you. about your children. about things getting out of control. about ANYTHING.

WHY? because worrying is useless. it doesn’t speed things up or make things better. In actual fact it can make things worse.

But its normal to worry, right? Yes! we usually worry when we have deep concern or love for someone or something. its a natural emotion. yet when we let our minds cling to ‘a story’ about ‘what if’s’ or ‘shoulds’……  then we lose the beauty and wisdom of the present moment. Sometimes we just need to have some more information or reassurance to help put our mind at rest, to ease our worry. This really helps me. I know it’ll help you too lovely.

I’m sooooo grateful for the huge wave of love thats been given to me with my recent diagnosis of renal cancer. Its been so overwhemlningly breathtakingly enormously supportive …… that I’ve gasped for breathe! In a good way, of course 🙂

However, I felt a level of anxiety arising today. My intuition was telling me that some of you were worrying because you haven’t heard from me since just after my diagnosis 3 and a half weeks ago. Like a loving mama you’re wanting to know that I’m ok. I’ve felt your pull at my heartstrings. And, as many of you know, you mamas are like my own daughters. I care deeply for you. I want to always be here for you. And I know how important communication is. Its not ok for me to be leaving you in the dark. So let me fill you in!

I’ll tell you all the news about my cancer, and how what I’ve learnt can help YOU deal with your major stresses as a mama.

I had no symptoms. was in no pain. Just a routine pelvic ultrasound for heavy periods. There is was…. a large mass on my left kidney. “You’re kidding me! But I’m so vibrantly healthy!” An MRI the next day confirmed a high suspicion of kidney cancer. It was 5 days before Christmas. I decided to proceed with all things as normal. I accepted a nights work in the childrens hospital. Christmas lunch was held at my home. I stayed excited that my gorgeous big 22 year old boy was returning home from his 5 months overseas adventure. He arrived just a few days before my Consultants appointment and then surgery was hastily organised for the very next day.

Its exactly a week since I had my left kidney and large cancerous tumour, a renal cell carcinoma, removed. The prognosis? “90-95% success rate”. What a relief! Music to my ears 🙂

There was a lot of amazing tools and mindset shifts that I used to manage this trauma gracefully. Its stuff that I can teach you and want to share with you in further blogs. But for now I want to give you a summary of the keys things that helped.

1. I made sure I never felt alone.

2. I reframed what the cancer is about. I unravelled the spiritual meaning as to why it happened.

3. I gained the support of people who helped me stay in the ‘Now’

4. I approached the treating staff with a connection and playfulness that transformed the heaviness into lightness and laughter.

It was powerful stuff. I’m recovering at a rapid pace and right now I feel really healthy, deeply peaceful and genuinely happy. I’ll explain more in my weekly blogs. So if you want to hear about how I made this happen then make sure you jump on my email list.

Go to and put your name and email in the space provided. You’ll get a bonus baby sleep ebook as well. If its not what you need right now feel free to pay it forward and share it on.

Right now I’m taking a deep satisfying breathe and feeling even more relaxed now that I’ve broken the post-op silence with you 🙂 If you’ve been worried about me I hope I’ve put your mind at ease. If you’ve been worried about other things and this has been helpful please let me know in the comments below.
With enormous love and gratitude back to you!
Maria xoxox 

Mama Maria xoxo

20 Responses to Why you needn’t worry. about me and my experience with cancer. about you. about your gorgeous kids

  1. Hugs amazing lady. Been thinking about you often but knowing in my heart you will dance thorough this journey with the same amazing energy as ever. xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing your story!
    My husband Dave had a cancer scare a couple of years ago. I wish we had your strength back then, but we got through it. We did learn from it and life has never been better.
    As a nana now of two I will pass your book to my daughter In Law.
    Love Annette

  3. Dear Maria,
    I had no idea you were going through all this, fantastic to hear how it has all turned out for you. Cancer is such a horribly random thing and is very scary for the person going through it. Fingers crossed for you, and best wishes always.

  4. Hi Maria, have been so out if touch lately I also had no idea of what you have been facing over the last few weeks. Your inspiring blog above shows just how grounded and strong a lady you are. I am thinking of you all and hope that the year ahead sees you healthy and happy. xxoo

  5. Thank you, as always, for this heartshare beautiful Maria. You have inspired me in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. Your words describing your choice to step into your Magnificence ring in my ears and remind me on a daily basis to choose to step into my own. Thank you Soul Sister for being here and now and gorgeous! Lots of love Ann xxxxx

  6. Maria, you are an inspiration. When Amma’s New Years message was released for 2014, I thought of you~ it begins “May our lives and the lives of all beings be pervaded with goodness. Thankyou for being your good self and inspiring others to be so<3

  7. OMG I have goose bumps reading this blog.Maria you are amazing and love the picture of you and Steve and love you so much. Thankyou for sharing your story and tips. I have learn so much xoxoxox

  8. Maria, I haven’t seen you for so long! When I first heard about the cancer I was really concerned and worried for you and your lovely family. I started reading your blog with great tenseness but by the time I reached the end of the story, my tenseness had eased tremendously. Delighted to hear you’ve seen this challenge through. I’m grateful for you sharing your journey and letting us all know your thoughts and feelings. Thank you for that. You’re a beautiful person – inside and out! Much love. xx

  9. Beautiful wisdom – wise too, to wait for your right time to share.
    We are with you in the time for silence and renewal, and in the times of reaching out and sharing. Sooo much love, Breathe gently, Dance Gently, Be Gentle with yourself, settle lovingly into that joy of knowing. Carolyn xox

  10. Your strength, grace and generosity are shining evermore brightly. Thankyou for sharing your strategies on dealing with a scary situation. We are all so grateful you have such a good prognosis.

  11. Your insight, courage, strength and passion brings tears to my eyes Maria. No more diminishing, or hiding……just shining your magnificence brightly for all the world to see….and with pleasure!!!! You inspire me. Love you heaps dear friend!!! Xx

  12. Magnificent, majestic Maria,
    Pulsing you with positive light
    Feeling love envelope your soul
    Courage and an open heart is what you share
    Good energy is around you and we all care!
    So much love and good vibes,
    Ildika xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Oh Maria – the lump in my throat is so tight after reading your raw and honest story and then from reading all the incredible, heartfelt posts from this big community of warm, loving people. It is a beautiful reminder of the power of humanity when we dig into our core truths and reach out to others.

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