Praise for 'Intuitive Motherhood Online Program':


"You have empowered me to be the best mama that I can be, and given me the tools, science, and coaching to believe in my own intuition.  Your program has given me the framework to be able to parent in ways which is in alignment with my own mama vision and family boundaries and not in a “one size fits all approach”.
This program is so unique in that it isn’t just a bunch of disciplinary techniques. The material is so powerful, in-depth, and practical all at the same time. Mamas looking for something which ties in spiritual growth, self-care, neuroscience and parenting tools (for all parenting styles), look no further!

Nikki Walton, AUSTRALIA

“I still apply your teachings in my daily interactions with Angus and I can honestly say that he's grown into such a sweet-natured and confident toddler and I couldn't be prouder and happier. So thank you for your course! I've told my friends about your program and I do hope they join because it will definitely change their lives as it did with mine. :)”

Julie Hasan, AUSTRALIA

testimonials-angela “Thank you for helping me to realise that I’m on the right path & what to do when I’m in the ‘red’ brain state. I now know now what to do before and after which makes ALL the difference! Thank you so much for showing me a different & better way of parenting.”

Angela Felix, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

testimonials-carly “Maria’s program was a reaffirmation of the way of parenting that feels right for me. Her insights, research and experiences gave me the food for thought, further concepts to practice, and a great base to continue moving forward with.”

Carly Willoughby-Rolls, QLD, AUSTRALIA

testimonials-carmen “There was so much that I loved in this Program - I loved the information that was imparted in a clear and concise way. I loved doing the exercises... all felt deep and nourishing.   I loved the connection of being with a group of like-minded individuals where a question is asked and the answer is beneficial to not only the individual but the collective!  I loved learning the languaging around the brain states, more so for myself and then seeing how my awareness of this on a deeper level flows on to my children. I went in thinking this was for my children … on so many levels it allowed me to be mindful of the way that I mother myself so that I can be fully present to the needs of my children and kind to myself in the moments when I am not. *deep appreciation* for your work in the world Maria.”

Carmen Perez, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

testimonials-jackie “This is not your traditional parenting program, filled with notes, take-home flyers and long verbose lectures. Throw away any preconceived ideas you have, open your heart and your mind to this powerful and intuitive program.  Based on science she has given me the tools to use with my children and the impact has been no short of PROFOUND. I am forever grateful.”

Jackie Pertsch, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

testimonials-kayleene “With two young boys under 3 years old, finding the time and energy to parent the way you intend can be a challenge. Maria provides you with the support and tools along with opening your heart and mind to new conscious ways to parent with your children’s best interests at heart. Do yourself and your family a favour and take the plunge and discover how much better life and relationships can be! Highly recommend this course and Maria’s personalised delivery. Thanks again Maria- you have opened our eyes and hearts to a new world”.

Kayleene Reinke, Brisbane, QLD

testimonials-nicole-r “Everyone needs a Mama Maria in their life. Her wisdom is profound. Her unique blend of soul and science was the key to helping me trust ME as a woman and a mother seeking more joy and stripping back the mother guilt layer after layer. Her work was like cracking a code deep inside. It opened me up to a whole new way of living and loving.”

Nicole Rowan-Holt, Transformational Biz Coach, Melbourne, VIC

testimonials-krista “Your traffic light system was one of the best tools you gave me. I could cut through all the confusion and knew that I just had to do my best to keep Kobe and myself in the green. It’s simple and it works! Kind, supportive, a wealth of knowledge, the calm grounded voice you need to hear when you don't know what else to do... You offered the perfect balance of understanding, scientific evidence and practical solutions. Thank you, Mama Maria, for helping me find my intuitive mothering self.”

Krista + Kobe Smith, Sydney, NSW

testimonials-lisa “It’s lovely to find a teacher who has clearly done the work on herself first, and brings a great balance of spirituality, intellectual, physical and emotional wellbeing to her work.”

Lisa Laing, Byron Bay, NSW

testimonials-maria "Your program felt like I was doing some useful work on myself in a fun way! I love how you translated current up-to-date info into a usable form, and how it fits with everything else I’ve been learning lately through Psychologists, Non-Violent Communication and Human Development. As a result of the course, I have so much more self-awareness. I'm more able to give myself the space and permission to be the mum I want to be rather than just letting myself do the old pattern. My children are way more relaxed and calm and don't fight as much. I'm noticing and enjoying them so much more!"

Maria Bollendorff, Brisbane, QLD

testimonials-marnie “The program has helped me in so many ways. Such amazing information. I loved having the group. I felt more cared for and listened to than I think I have ever felt in my life.”

Marnie Jackson, AUSTRALIA

testimonials-megan “I love Maria's gentle way of holding and guiding you to be the mother you want to be. She has a way of helping you to softly sink into yourself, forgive yourself and bring a new energy of being into your mothering.  Through my work with the New Children and their families I use a lot of intuition, and working with Maria through her program she has given me beautiful grounded techniques and an understanding of the brain science blended beautifully with her divine wisdom and experience, which has helped me on all levels of my mothering and professionally in my business. Maria's course is like a warm hug that gives you the space, permission and knowledge to come home to yourself as a mother and woman. Everyone needs to have a mama Maria in their lives, she is a true gift to mothers and their children, as we embark on the new paradigm of parenting.”

Megan Koufas, Brisbane, QLD

testimonials-melissa “If you feel called to drop deeper, explore your relationship as the mother and child you are,  and dive into new science, then this is a profoundly beautiful and powerful experience. I've done the program and loved it. Maria gives you permission to give to yourself, to set boundaries and to do what is intuitively right for you as a mama, and not give a damn what others tell you to do. And best of all she gives you the neurological science about this journey mamas go on when their little ones break open their hearts. If you seek to know yourself more intimately as a mama and to guide your child to be free in the wonder that they are, then get on Maria's list and do her program. You won't regret it.”

Melissa Sandon, Brisbane, QLD

testimonials-monica “Spending this time learning the ins and outs of embodied mothering have been beyond amazing! I loved learning how a child’s brain operates and how to change my own brain with the mama transformation technique. So many insights and practical techniques to activate in my mothering! I now have the confidence to develop a beautiful relationship with my children in the long term.”

Monica Caligiuri, QLD

testimonials-nicole "Since Maria's intuitive motherhood foundations course my parenting has changed so much for the better. I've had a massive shift in thinking which feels immense and so much healthier. As I experiment and play with her model and the new techniques, I am noticing that my kids are moving through their dramas more efficiently without leaving any residual tension or angst. My home is now very calm as we move on after what would have previously been a battle, with our bonds stronger and more intact. I feel so fortunate to be privy to a new paradigm that raises my kid's potential for future happiness.This course has been an absolute game changer and blessing for me and my family. I recommend it to every mother. LIFE CHANGING STUFF. Thank you Maria.”

Nicole Mathieson, Brisbane, QLD

testimonials-Oriana “Maria is a natural at creating and holding a loving, safe space for mothers to connect with their inner knowing. I feel like I’ve been guided to see the mother I want to be, and trust that I can be that person with a newfound awareness, scientific knowledge, and faith. Thank you so much for bringing your gifts to us Maria.”

Oriana Mac Giolla Ri, AUSTRALIA

testimonials-sally “I’ve learned to focus on connection, and that validating my kid’s emotions, experience and opinions is the way to that connection. Maria, you are truly wonderful and what you do is very important.”

Sally Graveston, AUSTRALIA

testimonials-emma "I can feel the difference already! To be honest, I am just so thankful to have found your Intuitive Motherhood Program. I feel like after years of trial and error, trying to create a loving relationship with my son, the knowledge that you share is finally making sense of what has been working and what hasn't, and why. And it's giving me the confidence and tools to show up as the mum I want to be. Not perfect, but much more present and positive. And I'm finally finding a little joy in being a mother again."

Emma Forrest, Adelaide AUSTRALIA

testimonials-angeliza "working with Maria has been a life-changer. There's a whole new tone to our family. I feel better and more confident as a Mother. Plus I've begun to heal my relationship with my own mother. My partner Josh has noticed a big difference and is so glad we invested the money.

To all you other Mums out there... if you're thinking of working with Maria then DO IT. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE OF YOU MARIA"

Angeliza Wanstall, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

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