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Our Vision Is To Ignite 1 Million Mama Hearts By 2030, Through Circles In Australia And Across The World.

Our Circles have currently uplifted this many mamas:

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Our Sacred Mama Circle Facilitators provide online and in person circles. Each Facilitator has their own unique passions and circle offerings,  giving Mamas a diverse range of choice.

Check below which facilitator and circle meets your needs.


Allison Harwood

Self care - Easy & Powerful

Allison is passionate about helping mothers understand themselves at a deep level so they can live their lives authentically and in alignment with their unique blueprint. She uses her training in Human Design as well as Sacred Mama Circles to achieve this.


Brooke Moore

Intuitive Life Coach, Subconscious Healer, Matrescence Spokesperson

Brooke offers online and in-person circles to support mothers to access their true power and self worth so they can live their purpose in freedom and abundance.

Discover more about Brooke's work here.


Dani Pepper

Forever Glow Wellness

Dani offers online and in-person circles to support women in their motherhood journey. By tapping into their intuitive mothering skills, practicing self awareness & acceptance & creating a reliable village they can show up as their best selves for their communities & families.

Discover more about Dani's work here.

Danielle Rhodes

Danielle Rhodes

Your Sacred Space

Danielle offers holistic birth education and sacred mama circles designed to educate and empower new mothers as they transition from early pregnancy into the birth of the mother and beyond.

Discover more about Danielle's work here.


Danneal Jez

LoveD Wellbeing

Danneal offers a safe space for women to feel loved and to explore themselves as they journey through motherhood.

Discover more about Danneal's work here.


Esther Van Niel

Sacred Mamas Healing Circle with the Elders

Add in 2 sentences here about Facilitator's circles. Add in 2 sentences here about Facilitator's circles.

Discover more about Esther's work here.


Frances Blair

Blissful Bebe Infant Massage and Mother Care

Frances and Megan are a mother daughter duo. They hold space for women together in a safe haven located on the Gold Coast. Frances specialises in women circles during and after pregnancy.

Discover more about France's work here.

Gemma Pearce

Gemma Pearce

The Village Tumut

Gemma is offering circles to form villages that empower women to find their self worth and shine their authentic light into the world. Also offering support and circles for other birth workers, and well-being warriors.

Discover more about Gemma's work here.


Jane Long

Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator 

Jane is a Midwife and Grandmother. She offers a safe, nurturing space for mamas to come together to share, have fun and grow through the journey of motherhood. Her circles are offered face to face and online.

View Jane's upcoming circles here.

Jane Maklin

Jane Macklin

Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator 

Jane bases her circles on the philosophy that as a mama and a woman you are so important. She will gently guide you to learn about & explore the changes you are experiencing as a mother, nurse or caregiver. She believes that coming together with like-minded women and sharing self-care tools is what's needed to help us cope and thrive.

View Jane's upcoming circles here.


Jenna Cute

Mastery of the Soul

Jenna offers online and in person circles for women. These circles provide a safe space for women to explore the deeper shadow aspects of themselves to allow for greater healing, greater expansion in consciousness and greater remembrance of the Truth of who we really are.

Discover more about Jenna's work here.

Liz McDonald

Liz McDonald

Soul Mothers Gather, Meditation Teacher and Circle Facilitator

Liz provides a warm and wise space for you to connect with beautiful Mother vibrations and soul meditative experiences . You will feel deeply nurtured in sacred circle alongside other like minded women.

Discover more about Liz's work here.


Megan Leigh Dennis

Blissful Bebe Infant Massage and Mother Care

Megan and Frances are a mother daughter duo. Megan facilitates circles for mothers and their babies and also run women circles for mothers alone. Megan holds her Masters in Aromatherapy and Diploma in Infant Massage and Mother Care.

Discover more about Megan's work here.


Michelle McKenzie

Inner U Wellbeing

Michelle offers women's circles incorporating art therapy, meditation and movement, gently guiding women to connect with their inner selves as well as make deep connections with others.

Discover more about Michelle's work here.

Nina Maudslay

Nina Maudslay

Bloom & Flourish

Nina offers women's circles: online and in-person, creating a space for women to be in and know community, support, acceptance and compassion. Circles include cyclic wisdom, meditation, movement and opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Discover more about Nina's work here.

Paula Redford-Bell

Paula Redford-Bell

Heart and Soul Parenting

Paula offers circles both online and in-person in North Brisbane. Paula has significant experience in facilitating group processes, which enables her to hold safe spaces for women to share and reflect deeply, while forming new friendships.

Discover more about Paula's work here.

Rikke Eaton

Rikki Eaton

Little Angels Lair

Rikki offers Sacred Circles for indigenous women running women's wellness not just for mums but also for up and coming young women in community. She is also offering play engagement activities for mums and children.

Discover more about Rikki's work here.

Sarah Wallace

Sarah Wallace

Grassroots Living

Sarah offers online and in person circles where women are seen, heard and valued in a safe space and can thrive as we learn more about Matrescence and make sense of our own Motherhood journey.

Discover more about Sarah's work here.


Sofronaiia Wilson

The Village Circle

Sofronaiia offers belonging to those seeking a village to flourish in and is passionate about bringing community back into self-care through the art of women's circles.

Discover more about Sarah's work here.


Tamara Dos Santos

Sacred Mama Circles with Tamara Dos Santos

Tamara holds circles for women in their early journey through pregnancy and with a newborn nurturing connections and creation of villages. She also collaborates on providing birth workers a safe space to receive the nourishment, share ideas and resources with others in the 'mothering the mother' field of work.

Discover more about Tamara's work here.

Tanya H

Tanya Heinrich

Nourished Beginnings Doula Care

Tanya offers online and in person circles supporting mothers to thrive along the mothering continuum. Tanya creates sacred space for mothers to come, just as they are, to reconnect with, remember and radiate their innate nobility and wisdom.

Discover more about Tanya's work here.


Tayebeh Shirazi

Cleanse the Soul

Tayebeh (also known as Tay) offers circles for mothers online and in person. These circles seek to bring about your true nobility as a mother and to recognise your true potential and purpose in our society.

Discover more about Tayebeh's work here.

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Renee Williams

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