Why do we Resist Surrender and What is Waiting on the Other Side?

To surrender is to release control, release vices, and free fall into a new and better version of life. It is the natural process of letting go, as natural as leaves falling from trees as the season of Autumn approaches.

If there was no surrender, nature and life just would just not survive.

When we do not resist surrender it can be a sublime experience, where you get to feel yourself between two worlds, the old and the new – the space of the chrysalis, and it’s such an important phase for our human development and Soul growth.

What is waiting on the other side of surrender is more love, more Truth, more growth, more abundance, deeper purpose, new opportunities, new relationships and many other profound gifts and blessings in which life wants to provide us with – gifts that we can only receive in our surrendered state.

Some very natural feelings that can arise with surrender are anger and shame which can lead into grief, grief for the loss of the old self, ways, perceptions and life. Please do not be disillusioned by this important and temporary phase of your transformation, for this grief will take you even into the deeper reserves of your heart allowing you to access greater wisdom, greater insight, greater perception and become more aligned with your purpose.

Although surrender is a natural part of nature and of our bodies, sometimes it’s not something that comes so naturally to us humans who have minds. Most of us (our minds) have brought up inside of a society that does not support, trust or understand surrender, and naturally, we’ve grown to fear it.

The act of surrender certainly goes against our productivity based culture that all things shall remain constant,  predictable and in control. There are also many misunderstandings about surrender which we can see portrayed in movies, books and TV shows – that it is weak and shameful.

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The most difficult part of surrender can be the mind’s resistance to it, for it is the resistance that causes the fear, not the actual surrendering itself. The mind may give you 1000 excuses as to why not to surrender and the mind may also ignite fear within your body to stop you.

Sometimes the mind needs to be nurtured through surrender, to build trust in it. You could do this by getting to the bottom of the subconscious limiting beliefs you hold about surrender and letting go and replacing those beliefs with the Truth – that it is safe to surrender. It is likely that when you can move through the mind’s limitations your body will be much more at ease.

Some of us may have stuck emotions and traumas in our body around surrender. In these instances we can work through these with various embodiment practices to build trust and safety. You may like to speak to the emotions, move and dance or shake your body or you may like to go and see a practitioner for some assistance so the body can return to its natural surrendered state.

Our Sacred Mama Circles can also offer you an experience where there is a collective reframing of limiting beliefs, and where you can  lean into a state of supportive surrender alongside other like-minded mamas.

Wherever you are with your relationship to surrender, know that we are all doing this together, healing our wounds, clearing our minds and building trust and safety in nature’s rhythms and flows. This collective healing of  the  feminine wound will unite our families and connect humanity back into more harmony and balance.

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Written by the Sacred Mama Circle Leadership Team

Mama Maria xoxo

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