Knowing When the Time is Right – The Journey to Honouring Your Seasons

How do you know when the time is right Mama? 

There are times for resting, being held, supported, healing and stillness, then there are times for action, blazing forward, stepping into your leadership and ‘taking the world by storm’. 

These are the ebbs and flows of life.  

Sometimes it can be difficult to honour certain timings in our life. It can be especially difficult when we are not connected to our Truth and accidentally slip into believing what society projects about masculine productivity and worthiness. 

Society will have us believe that we are of no value unless we are doing, even at our own detriment. Society belief systems are deeply ingrained within most people and it’s likely you grew up in a family with these kinds of beliefs. 

These beliefs sink deeply into our subconscious mostly before the age of 7 and before we know it they are the structures that are controlling our entire life.

The problem we face here is that societal belief systems only honour one season of our life. That is the productive Summer of our life. Society expects that Summer is a lifelong season! But that goes against the very grain of nature, of feminine flow, of our body rhythms, sending us spiralling down a pathway of burn out, anxiety, hormonal problems and worse. 

What we are here to do as the Sacred Mama Circle Movement is step out of these rigid structures of what life “should” look like, and start living how we deeply know life is, in our gut, by accessing our feminine nature. 

It’s a fact that all life exists in seasons, that is how life survives on this planet, that is how we are supposed to survive as a humanity, but not honouring our seasons actually goes against our survival. No wonder so many people are sick, unhealthy and struggling. 

As Mamas and women we need to firstly honour our internal seasons, by noticing when it’s time to rest, be held and receive and then know the time for action. All this amazing information is within our intuition and body instincts – the pushing comes from limited beliefs stuck in your subconscious mind.  

You will know if you are pushing yourself against your natural seasons because it will feel hard. When we are in the flow, life flows, things come our way to support us, but when we go against our natural grain things become difficult, like pushing against a deadweight. 

Where are you at right now Mama?

What season are you in?

Are you honouring this divine season of your life? 

If you are not, then you are invited to dig a little deeper… Often there are subconscious limiting beliefs keeping you from seeing the Truth, and keeping you in stuck mode. 

What core belief is wreaking havoc in your life right now? 

Some common ones that interfere with the feminine season’s of rest are:

  • If I rest then I am unworthy 
  • If I rest then I am failure 
  • If I slow down I will not be a success
  • If I slow down I will miss out on great opportunities

Whatever beliefs show up for you, firstly realise these are not the real you, you’ve picked them up from outside of who you really are. 

Secondly, you’ve brought them into the light now (amazing!), now it’s time to release them. You could do a releasing ritual where you write them down on a piece of paper and burn them or find a way which resonates with you to let them go. Now you can integrate a more truthful belief.

Some Truths could be:

  • Resting is very productive because it allows my cells to heal, and my body to regenerate so I am in a perfect energetic state to take action again when the time comes again
  • Slowing down brings me great success, instead of having to use my energy to get things I can draw them in from my healed state of being, I easily draw everything I need to me
  • When I slow down my energy heals so I am open to receiving the amazing opportunities that my True Self wants to pass onto me
  • I am worthy when I am resting and when I am taking action. I am worthy because I am alive and I am  life, and all life is worthy. So it doesn’t matter what I do, what I say, or what I think – I am always worthy. 

Write these down, stick them up around your home and know this is your Truth. Now you have implanted much higher frequencies in your energetic being that are aligned with your Truth – those new vibrations are what you will be creating your life from. 

Then there are times for stepping forward and expanding in your life. Now this is a much more society “approved” and “supported” season but it still comes with it’s limiting belief systems which may hold you back and keep you stuck. 

You will know when the time is right to move forward in your life because by not moving forward you will feel very stagnant or irritated and icky. Momentum and opportunities will come your way as opportunities to excel forward into your mission and purpose and realise your full potential.

Some beliefs that may block someone stepping forward could be:  

  • I don’t have confidence or what it takes to step forward
  • I can’t because I will fail 
  • I am not worthy enough to step forward
  • I don’t like change

Again you could do a special ritual (like the suggestions above) to let these go and integrate the Truths which are much more aligned with who you really are.

Here are some examples of some Truths you could discover:

  • I have everything it takes to walk the path of my life purpose, I am purpose built for my mission, I am equipped with everything I need to fulfil my purpose. 
  • No one is better equipped than me, for my purpose. It is impossible for anyone on this planet to deliver my purpose in the unique way I will. 
  • I am an absolute success, every battle, every hump along the road I have overcome. I am here now, living and breathing which is an absolute success! 
  • I am worthy because I exist, even if I do nothing for the rest of my life I am worthy. I am worthy of my purpose, I was given my purpose because I am more than worthy of it.
  • I came here to shine in my Truth, not to hide in my shadows. 
  • Change brings new opportunities, miracles, abundance, bliss, new amazing people, and enlightenment – beyond what the mind can imagine. As I allow change into my life I open myself to amazing opportunities and miracles. 

There is never any expectation on you to be in a different place to where you are right now. Love and Truth have no expectations. All expectations come from beliefs based on non-Truth, which are simply misunderstandings of Truth. So give yourself a much deserved break to just be and acknowledge the beauty of where you are at right now as perfect for you. 

Mama, this entire Sacred Mama Circle Movement is a container for you to be held, grow, rise and spread your beautiful wings when the time is right. 

This container is built from the divine energies of unconditional love and acceptance for Mama’s no matter what season they are in. This container holds you, supports you, honours all of you, and nudges you forward when the time is right.  

Discovering your seasons and divine flow is a loving path, it’s gentle and beautiful and anything that feels less than that is a non-Truth belief at play. Become aware of this and bring soothing to yourself when you feel the mind is pressuring or using force. 

The Truth is that YOU are amazing no matter what season you are in  – the one thing that remains constant is how incredibly worthy you are of love, nourishment and nurture in all phases of life, and as soon as we surrender to this rhythm we will feel divinely carried by it.

We love you, be kind, be gentle and honour You.

Mama Maria xoxo

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