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We recently shared our latest edition of Sacred Mama News, our new monthly newsletter to our subscribers.

Now that things have quietened since Mother’s Day, please make sure you make time for YOU with the special gift inside. Especially if, like most Mothers, you still had a very busy day on Mother’s Day itself.

This is a very exciting time with the fast-paced developments in our Sacred Mama Circles Movement and the School of Intuitive Motherhood.

In this newsletter we have shared; information about our Movement, some of the exciting things coming up, introducing you to some new Sacred Mama Circle Facilitators, some interesting background on Mother’s Day, a special feature on Postnatal Depletion with Dr Oscar Serrallach… and a very special Mother’s Day Gift for you! Phew! And the best thing about this gift is – you can use it any time, and you can use it LOTS of times! 🙂 

You can download the newsletter here. So grab a cuppa, make yourself comfortable and settle in for a jam-packed and juicy read!

I’d LOVE your feedback, so do let me know what aspects you enjoyed, and what you’d like to see more of!

With so much love,

Mama Maria xoxo

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