Intuition and Why it Can Be Difficult to Connect Sometimes

Your intuition is a 6th sense beyond your 5 bodily senses, it is our human superpower where we access higher dimensional energies that work to support our True Self path and Purpose. 

Intuition is an intelligence far beyond the mind, it comes from the space of embodied wisdom & universal intelligence and connects you to your soul guidance. 

All people have intuition whether they know it or not, we humans are all designed with this connection, but many of us will live a whole life without accessing this divine power.

It’s true that we do live in a society which lacks understanding about intuition therefore does not always support it, and we can see this is prevalent in much of our current  mainstream schooling system. 

Children are born with vibrant and thriving intuition but unfortunately when it’s not nurtured and embraced at a young age we can start to become disconnected from it. 

But this does not mean the connection is lost, the connection is still there but we may have to work through some blockages in ourselves in order to strengthen that connection once again. 

There are many portals to connect to your intuition and there are many different types of intuition. Sometimes you may connect to it through your body, your senses and physical awareness.

Other times you may connect through your heart in creative visualisations, energy expansion and physical openings, or you may connect in meditation through your higher chakras. The possibilities are endless and it’s important you find your unique ways of connection that feel good to you. 

Sometimes fear can inhibit our connection to intuition, usually due to a fear of the unknown, which can come from deeply rooted and inherited subconscious limiting beliefs that your intuition is unsafe or even dangerous. 

The truth is that your intuition is formed from the energies of unconditional love, which is the safest thing in the world, your intuition is part of your innate self and only works to support you to have your highest good, highest potential life and relationships. 

Then there are also blocks which may show up in the body and chakras that may need to be worked through in order to create more intuitive flow.   We can work in different ways with the body to unblock energies, sometimes yoga and movement can shift stagnant energies, breathwork is another powerful tool to create flow and practicing mindfulness and grounding presence is very powerful in developing the intuitive connection with your body.  

It doesn’t matter where you are at in your journey with your intuition, we all experience our intuition differently and it’s important not to compare how we connect to how others connect because we are all so unique and beautifully designed specifically for our life’s purpose.

It can be great to let go of all expectations you have around your intuition, because expectations come from the mind who knows nothing about your unique intuitive abilities and it could cut off the amazing possibilities of connection that are wanting to come your way. 

You can release your expectations by setting an intention before you connect, “I release all expectations of what my intuitive connection should look like, I keep myself open to the infinite possibilities of my intuition and allow my intuition to show up exactly how it wants to today.  How my connection shows up is perfect for me today”. 

We hope this helps your journey with your intuition, we would love to hear how you connect with your intuition in the Intuitive Mama’s Facebook Group.

Written by the Sacred Mama Circle Leadership Team

Mama Maria xoxo

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