Life in the Chrysalis and How to Support Yourself Through It

Life in the Chrysalis and How to Support Yourself Through It

Are you feeling it mama? The intensity of this time we are in, the pressure to make decisions we never anticipated, the challenging of our own belief systems, relationships, what we thought life would look like for us and our family?

This can be such a tense time, and yet we are being called to rise above the chaos into a new evolution of Self. We are being called to go beyond the chaos, beyond the mind with its opinions and differences and into our inner, ever present, still, wise Truth – deeper than we ever have before.

When we are in the chrysalis of transformation it can feel chaotic, overwhelming, frightening, painful, separating, disorientating and when we’re in this cocoon it may be too dark to see the bigger picture, to see the copious amounts of light is on the outside waiting for us to beat our new and beautiful wings into when the time comes.

During these times we must remember that there is always hope, that there is always light even if we can’t see it yet. In the chrysalis the caterpillar trusts that life will provide it’s new wings, and life always (always) does, it’s no different for us, we too can trust in the natural process of transformation and support ourselves into our new beginning.

Oh mama, it can be so hard to let go, to accept and rise above, but at the same time life brings us to our edges for very good reason, for us to move more into the true and deep love that is our Truth, so we can be stronger, more supported, more connected, more aligned to our purpose, more powerful, more free, more abundant, live with more ease and grace and create a more fulfilling aligned life for ourselves and our family.

So many of us are going through these challenges right now and here are some ways you can support yourself:

  • Stillness is key. Coming out of the mind and into body and nature and accessing your Truth/ inner wisdom amongst the chaos. Sometimes this will mean we can choose to love ourselves enough to spend some time away from family, and just be with ourselves, and in nature to come back to our inner peace.
  • Dance is an amazing tool to come out of the mind, even better dancing with some loved ones to shake out all the heaviness together and return to the lightness of being.
  • Access your joy and play. Our children are wonderful for reminding us of this. Get outdoors and play with your children and loved ones to reconnect with your true essence. Get creative and allow your juices to flow.
  • Uniting with like minded souls, connecting on what is important to you. Perhaps it’s Family, Love, Freedom, working together as a group or attending a circle to bring more of those beautiful values into your life from a space of self love.
  • Trusting is important. Trusting that there is always light after the dark, that is just the natural cycle. Look to nature, observe how nature trusts and cycles. Trust that you will come out of this and that what is waiting on the other side is far more brilliant than your mind could comprehend.
  • Accepting that all of these experiences you’re having is part of your growth phase and life brings us these circumstances so we can rise like a phoenix into our greatness.
  • Know that you are ready for this transformation, transformation only arrives when the time is perfect. Trust that you are ready – because you are.
  • Know that you are divinely supported in ways you cannot even see. Your higher self and many other supportive energies are here at this time helping us all shift into our higher vibration.

Above all else, know that all transformation is worth it, even if you can’t see it yet. Transformation is always just a phase that will pass and there will always, always be many gifts and blessings following it. You got this!

Life in the chrysalis can sometimes be difficult and we have a beautiful space for you to lean into for support whenever you need in our Intuitive Mama’s Facebook group where there are Sacred Mama Circle Facilitator’s coming in with beautiful, nourishing activities and live circles for support mothers.

You could also check out our Sacred Mama Circle calendar for a schedule on all the deeply supportive circles coming up online and in person.

Sending you all so much love, we are in this together and we can lean on each other for support, we can also lean into joy, pleasure and fun together too!

Together we shall rise.

With so much love,

The Sacred Mama Leadership Team

Mama Maria xoxo

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