This Year My Only Goal is to Survive

This Year My Only Goal is to Survive

When a beautiful mama Caroline posted these words in our Intuitive Mamas Group, and with over 4 million views I knew YOU may need to hear it too.

This year my only goal is to survive

This is NOT my year to train for a marathon

Or to make a home-cooked meal every night

This is not my year to cut out caffeine

Or to reorganize my entire house

Because the truth is I’m in the thick of it

My kids are little and their needs are BIG

This is the year to give myself grace

This is my year to sleep when I can

To let go of the things that are out of my control

And embrace the mess

I’m putting less pressure on myself

Because the reality is this

My kids don’t need a perfect mama

They need a mama who does her best

They need a mama who is surviving

They need a mama who loves them unconditionally

Imperfections and all



See the video here.  Credit to Motherly.

Personally, I see soooo many mothers reaching for perfection, and the truth is there is no such thing, especially when it comes to raising unique little beings who are here to be OUR teachers too.

Often the lessons they are here to gift us include slowing down, being more playful, accessing more of our emotions, learning how to accept ‘what is’ and connecting at a deeper level within ourselves.

They show us the way to become more real. Often breaking us open into softer, kinder, stronger, wiser version of ourselves.

Yes, It’s messy, and can take us to our knees. And it’s worth it.

However, we need to learn how to give ourselves grace.

Learn how to stop pushing, trying to be everything to everyone.

Learn how to stop giving ourselves a hard time when the house is messy or we have take-out again.

Learn how to stop taking on projects that drain our energy,

To stop comparing ourselves to others, giving our power away and feeling so negative because of it.

The truth is life HAS changed since you’ve become a mama. You’re in the thick of it now. Your kids are little and their needs are BIG.

Here is the question to ask yourself, “How can I give myself grace this year?”

“How can I change my thinking to allow for the mess and to embrace more self-care?”

Maybe you could take a line from the above video and make it your manifesto. Put it in your phone as an alarm twice a day.  Eg. I’m putting less pressure on myself. My kids don’t need a perfect mama.

From my experience of over 3 decades helping children and mothers I can tell you that prioritising YOU is so so important!

When your cup is full its so much easier to ‘be-with’ your child. This ‘being-with’ skill is the secret ingredient that helps your child thrive in extraordinary ways.

So let’s start with giving yourself some grace. Take the pressure off. Do this For a whole year and watch the miracles unfold.

You’ve GOT THIS.

Biggest love beautiful mama.

PS. If you think this is helpful please share with your friends or mama groups. Together we can make motherhood a richer, kinder and more supportive experience for each other. You are so appreciated xo

Mama Maria xoxo

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