The Deepest Way to Connect with Another Mama…

The Deepest Way to Connect with Another Mama…

On this special INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, remember who you really are… divine, sacred, and givers of life.  You don’t need to do anything else to be AMAZING!!!!!

It only takes a minute to ‘sense’ that in yourself and send it vibrationally to another.

To do this: Close your eyes and take a breathe deeply x 3 times . Allow your body to relax, soften and open. Allow yourself to ‘just be’… for this short time. Drop into your heart and remember a time you felt loved and appreciated. Really soak in this, savour how good it felt then (and feels now).

Sense this love radiating out into other parts of the body, seeping into your cells and filling them with an aliveness and a radiant light.

Then allow this to expand out to every woman you deeply care about, then further to all women in your community . Seeing yourself connecting in whatever ways feels comfortable – smiling, looking with kind eyes, reaching out to touch.
Say the words that come naturally such as ‘ I appreciate you. You are so loved. I see how amazing you are’, Rock on sister!  and ‘Thank you for being you and for enriching MY life’ 

Then give yourself a hug and breathe it all in for yourself. We are all mirrors for each other

If you want to acknowledge a woman you deeply appreciate then let her know in a short message today. Or you may like to share her this blog as a way for her to know

Biggest love beautiful mama. I think you’re TOTALLY amazing.

In love & awe,

Mama Maria xoxo

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