Managing ‘Screen Time’ the Intuitive Motherhood Way

Managing ‘Screen Time’ the Intuitive Motherhood Way

So many mothers are wondering about how to manage screen time. It’s true, it’s a modern day issue that has left us confused, worried and even feeling guilty as we grapple our way through not knowing if we’re doing the right or wrong things.

“how much screen-time time should my child be having?” “Does it depend on their age?”

“how do I manage it?” “How do I get them OF IT and get all the other important things done?”

“I don’t want them to miss out. how can I help them be smarter AND still be an intuitive connected mother”?

One thing is for sure- screens are here to stay. Like many things in motherhood, it’s just another tool, and it’s more about HOW we use it than IF we use it (sigh, I hear you!!!!)

Only in recent months, we had some NEW research –based guidelines ( from the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP). This is helpful. It gives us some basic guidance from which we can base our intuitive mother decisions on.

So, I got to diving deep and fusing mamahood wisdom with the research. This is always the best and most delicious way … to take facts and make them real…. So they suit your individual mama approach and your child’s unique needs. Ahhhh, take the pressure off. Make it real!

Here are my BEST 5 TIPS:  Managing Screen time the Intuitive Motherhood Way!

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, leave a comment on the blog and tell me this:

  1. What are you already doing well as a screen time mama (and what other juicy suggestions do you have?)
  1. What’s your biggest insight or ah-ha from the tips, and what are you going to change, if anything?

As always I LOVE hearing your comments. I read every. single .one. and are soooo delighted to be engaging with YOU.

So go ahead, watch the video and let’s start a conversation in the comments!

PS. Got other mama friends who are dealing with this too? Maybe they haven’t heard of the new guidelines? Forward to them. Its’ such an important help for all mamas. They’ll thank you 🙂


With so much gratitude to be in your inbox,

Mama Maria xoxo

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