Could your hurts be a breakthrough to a NEW BEGINNING?

Could your hurts be a breakthrough to a NEW BEGINNING?

Recently, I reached the dizzy heights of success, speaking alongside world-leading experts at a motherhood conference in Melbourne. Even though I was fired up with excitement and so resonant with the presentation message of ‘Self-love’ for mothers, I felt physically depleted.

I had pushed too much, expected too much of myself, and was too much in my head.

The very next day I became unwell with the flu. And then 4 days later I suffered whiplash as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. Hmmmm…

“Something’s got to change”, I said to myself. As someone who uses practices to consciously co-create her life, I knew I wasn’t fully in alignment.

But I didn’t know what needed changing.

So I did what I always do now.  I asked my body and heart, “what do you need beautiful girl?”

The natural whispers of my body immediately asked me to slow down.

My body wanted a sensation of slowing. I still worked on my business and in my mental health job in the hospital. In a modified way. A little quieter. In a more intrinsic, self -nurturing way.

I found the balance between eliciting kindness & support (by sharing what happened) and not dwelling on the injury or reliving the story too much. I knew from the neuroscience the importance of moving my attention away from the pain and towards sensing pleasure. I also knew I needed to soften my heart to allow vulnerability and connection, surrounding myself with the right people and cultivating a sense of support to rest into. I used my inner mothering skills to bring loving kindness and compassion to myself. Gently, gently, kinder, kinder.

As much as my thinking mind beckoned me to ‘push through’ and ‘just get on with it’ I instead chose to let my body, heart & soul lead.

There were no immediate answers, just a sensation of being-with the next moment and the next and the next.

I’ve not always enjoyed being in this place of not-knowing, a place I call ‘the void’.

It can feel messy, confusing, uncomfortable like nothing is happening, even boring. It can be a very scary and vulnerable place to be. Like there is nothing to hold onto and nowhere to go.

And with conscious awareness I’ve also found it beckons a sense of shedding, letting go of things that are superfluous and that don’t really matter.

The void has given me some much-needed rest. Rest and repair.

It’s allowed me to daydream. And to open. New insights and information have come through. Exciting stuff, like two new books that are begging to be written and birthed. Also the possibility of a monthly membership program for those who want more ongoing support through the Intuitive Motherhood teachings.

But not quite yet. I’ve got to know the sensation in my body of ‘READY’ and it’s not now, not yet.

It’s interesting what else has been coming out of my void.

New coaching clients have been contacting me. I haven’t asked for this. Yet it felt perfect. These mama sessions have been powerful and have fueled my life force giving me renewed energy and deep satisfaction. True alignment. I know you know the feeling of being on-purpose yeah? That ‘feels-so-right’ sensation?

An indicator for me was when I noticed my face light up when chatting to my girlfriend, “oh my gosh, I’m Just LOVING working 1:1 with these mothers, seeing the shifts in them, and the changes in their kids are just so awesome, fills my heart”.

I’m wondering if YOU are in a phase of letting go? In the void? Allowing for something new to come in?

Allow yourself some space over this Easter, even if it’s just to walk outside and take a few deep breaths and a sigh. Maybe you could get a chance to do some journaling, be in nature. Listen to something inspiring, mediate or get to a Nia class or event!

These are some of my best ways to get out of my head and into what’s real, true and meaningful for me.

I’d love to know about YOUR experiences and what’s ONE thing that’s helped you stay out of your head and open to this newness? Please share in the comments below.

Happy Easter beautiful! I can’t wait to reconnect with you next term.

PS. If you feel you could do with some 1:1 support, I am opening a few coaching spaces for after Easter.
Hit ‘Reply’ with some info of what’s happening, and any questions and we’ll take it from here.

With so much love + all the best with YOUR new beginnings!

Mama Maria xoxo

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