Happy New Year beautiful mama! + Slow down to speed up in 2018

Happy New Year beautiful mama! + Slow down to speed up in 2018

As much as all the media hype might have you expect that you have to do goal setting for the New Year, get out there, make s**t happen, lose weight, go go go….

I’m not getting that.

I’m choosing to listen to my heart and my gut, my intuition.

The truth is, it’s telling me to slow down to speed up. I’m wondering if that’s what you’re getting too?

Long walks in nature. The practice of listening to the sounds around you. Moments of quiet. Reflecting. Gardening. Getting off the screens. Moving your body in long slow stretches. Pausing. Taking time.

All of this gets you out of the crazy mind chat. Back into your body, into your senses. It clears the way for you to listen to your intuition, and hear what it’s whispering to you.

It’s a very different voice to the one that does goal-setting.

It’s not all heady and pushy and hard-to-achieve.

It has a deep resonance with your truth, who you really are at your core. It loves you. It supports your feminine flow. It comes from a place of ease and peace.

It’s not lazy. It’s ON. Gives you laser focus. Inspires you to swift and immediate action from a place of relaxation. Ease-filled. Powerful. Has you lined up with divine wisdom and incredible results.

For me, 2018 is about taking time to regroup. To pause. To assimilate. To bring together all the bits and pieces I’ve been intuitively getting. To enjoy it for me, and to bring it to you. All in divine timing.

I’m soooo excited about supporting you further. 🙂

As much as my ‘head’ would like to swiftly get all the IM offerings out there to you FAST, I know that wouldn’t be honoring enough.

I know that when I take the slower pace and grow the roots of this authentic work, then it will have the depth that I know to be true.

It’s close. I’ve attracted an amazing mentor to help get all the information and offerings sorted. So the experience for you will be not only life-changing but also long term and sustainable.

Imagine having an elder walking beside you through all the ages and stages. That’s what we’re working on.

SO what is true to you as we start this new year? Ask yourself that question.

You don’t have to get the answers straight away. Slow things down, get into your body and your senses, your pleasures, and see what bubbles up.

From that place, your 2018 intentions will arise.

I’m wishing you the most amazing year. Whatever that is for you, whatever your intuition is leading you to.

I look forward to walking beside you as we step into a fresh new beginning. Cheers, beautiful!

Mama Maria xoxo

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