How to say NO to your child without crushing their spirit

How to say NO to your child without crushing their spirit

Are you finding you’re saying NO a lot, and getting in power struggles with your child?

It’s true we need to have boundaries and say “no” to our child. When this is done well, it helps them feel secure and they learn to regulate their big feelings, and also so they can understand that others have needs too.

Yet when the “NO” is done in a punitive or dismissive way we are missing the opportunity to teach our child new skills and self-awareness. Worst of all, we could be crushing their gorgeous uniqueness, their spirit.

In the new parenting science, we try to bring a YES to our NO. We are wanting our child to feel that their desires are ok and their spirit is ‘seen and honoured’.

It’s an art that all mothers can learn. AND you don’t need to get it right all the time for your child to keep that sparkle in their eyes and their inner spirit glowing. This ‘parenting art’ is one of the foundations for your child to have sense of deep self- love and confidence, and the ability to show leadership in their lives.

It’s worth putting in the time to ‘practice’ this.

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