What if getting it right 30% as a mother was good-enough. Really??!

What if getting it right 30% as a mother was good-enough. Really??!

In my work over the years with mamas, I’ve often found myself in tears as I’ve heard how hard we are on ourselves. I’ve heard mothers just beating themselves up so much for what they think they’re getting wrong.

I was even holding space for a group of women recently, and this, once again, was the exact conversation.

A beautiful mother was wracked with guilt that she didn’t listen to her intuition and come back earlier from shopping. Even though her child was being cared for by a trusted adult, he got hurt and she felt “so bad I wasn’t there for him”.

Another mother was ‘fessing up’ that she’d yelled at her child and said angry things she’d never normally say. Another left her baby to cry and ran down the back yard sobbing “I couldn’t stand hearing the crying anymore”.

The shame, the guilt of not coping, and then saying and doing (and even thinking) things they regretted was something they had ‘fessed up’ to in our sacred circle of sharing.

Generally speaking, the overwhelm of having so much to do in such little time has many mothers feeling like they’re just not present enough with their child. That they’ve screwed up.

The fact is – The feeling of not-good-enoughness is an epidemic for modern-day mothers.

The reason this is so epidemic is they don’t have the correct information. They don’t know what IS enough. When we give our brains the knowledge of what children really need, or what we need to do as mothers, we can relax and stop being so perfectionistic.

It can be such a relief – as it was for these mothers in this circle with me.

The little-known fact I shared with them had a profound impact.

I could see the weight lift off their shoulders, relief sweep over their faces and confidence emerge. All of a sudden they realised it absolutely WAS possible to be the mother they wanted to be (despite the things they’d previously been judging in themselves).

So WHAT IS this ‘little-known’ fact and what did I say to these mothers?

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