How to Get What You Really Want (& Deserve!) for Mother’s Day!

How to Get What You Really Want (& Deserve!) for Mother’s Day!

Get the honouring you really want and DESERVE this Mother’s Day. Don’t rely of closing your eyes and wishing, or crossing your fingers and toes, or even giving lots of vague hints.

With that approach, you’re guaranteed to be disappointed ….. unless you use the secret formula of the ‘mamas in the know’.

I got good at this myself….

My best motherhood memories were excited kids, running into the bedroom with homemade cards that say, “What I love about you, Mum…”

…Sometimes there was a present, either homemade or bought, sometimes not.

All I really wanted was the card. Their words meant the world to me.

And then my husband would bring me breakfast in bed.

I would prop myself up in bed like a Queen being served often freshly squeezed juice with a cooked breakfast followed by a cup of tea. I was offered the paper, or I’d pick up my book from the bedside table.

The kids might come and go, putting themselves up on my bed to have a chat.

I always asked them to read the words on their card to me. (I loved to hear it from their sweet voices, connect with the joy and love in their eyes, and really soak in what was real, true and meaningful to them about me and us!).

I consciously softened and opened to receive, receive, receive the energetic transmission, the touches, the words, the divine ease… the magic moment!

I wanted to savour it, all the while knowing that “this is what it’s all about.”


I co-created it.

I asked for what I wanted.

I would talk to my husband beforehand requesting that he’d organize for the kids to write the cards and help prepare breakfast.

I would tell the kids that I love to hear their words on a card more than anything bought.

I’d request “my own time” to have for a couple of hours in the afternoon. All was pre-arranged.

Some years I bought myself aromatherapy oils and epson salts to soak in a nice looooong bath. And goodies to eat and a book I was excited about. It became a long lazy afternoon of deliciousness. I MADE SURE OF THAT.

Other times I’d have lunch out with my girlfriends or I’d ask my husband to arrange for a couple of families to meet with us for a picnic in the park.

I’d given away the often disappointing notion that “They’ll know what I want, surely” and “I’d rather have a surprise” with the input that was needed so that we all felt good.

The kids felt good that I got what I wanted.

My husband felt relieved that he had the formula ‘to get it right’ (makes me smile writing this… too funny and so true of the innate primal urge for our man is to provide for us… and have us happy!)


It’s got me thinking… what do I really desire from my boys now 24 and 27yrs olds?

I desire a gorgeously connected 30-min conversation (that involves thoughtfulness beforehand!).

“Tell me about your good memories of when you were younger. I’d love to soak in the words of what are your BEST memories, and even the everyday positive ones, with me as your mum. Let’s remember all those fun and quirky and interesting things we did. And the stuff that made a difference and made us laugh. I want to re-live and re-cherish them together”.

I’m making sure I ask for this before Sunday so they can prepare.

HOW ABOUT YOU? WHAT DO YOU DEEPLY DESIRE for your day to feel like it totally rocked?

Here’s what to DO to get clear on that:

Take a moment. Deep Breaths. Tune into your deepest desires (your heart + body know better you’re your thinking mind!)

Is it to feel nourished, connected, have time alone?

Is it to have space or have those you love come in closer?

Is it a combination of the above?

What would this look like?

Do you want the day off or some of it?

Do you want to be with your partner + children for some or part of the day?

Do you want to be with your own mother?

Do you need to have meaningful words written, or a longer hug than usual, or your hair brushed or feet massaged?

Do you want to eat certain foods, listen to certain music, be entertained in any particular way?

What would have you feel deeply honoured for the amazing mother that you are?

Dream big and be happy with where it lands.


Tell people around you what you want. Give your beautiful peoples the gift of knowing what your heart deeply desires. Make it detailed and clear so they know exactly what to do and how important it is to you.

You deserve to gift this for yourself. (AND you are taking responsibility for your part in having a happy day!)

Then keep your heart expanded to shower yourself and everyone around you in deep appreciation. Let the love chemicals in your bloodstream pulse powerfully through your whole being-ness! Have it feel really really good. This is a choice you can make for yourself- from within.

So take action. Go through the simple steps above. Get activated by writing in the comments below ‘This is what I’m going to ask for… for Mothers Day’…. inspiring other mothers to co-create a meaningful day for themselves as well.

And from my heart to yours, I want to thank you and send you so much love for all that you do and who you are. YOU are amazing. Whether you believe it or not, it’s true.

In deep respect,

Mama Maria xoxo

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  1. This is just magical ‍♀️ I lov lov lov the advice… just reading this yesterday helped me to soak in the joy of being a family ( Ava only 2 ) the best mother’sday so far and yes I was disappointing last year and the year before wishing my husband would work out what I want.. thx Maria

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