Bringing back the village for Brisbane mama’s

Bringing back the village for Brisbane mama’s

So many mothers out there are feeling isolated and consumed by guilt.

As modern women we’re never taught how to understand our own brains and moods, let alone those of our child. In times past, this sort of wisdom would be witnessed everyday as extended families lived and parented together, but without that sort of support and exposure, modern mums are left to feel lost, adrift and alone.

And with the latest neuroscience we now know so much MORE about what will help us ‘be the mothers that we really want to be’ and give our children what they REALLY NEED.

That’s why I created ‘Motherhood Foundations Workshop Series’Be the mother that you really want to be ~ brain science + intuitive wisdom for conscious mums (and happy kids!).

It kicks off with the first workshop Friday 23 May 7-9 pm inNewfarm Brisbane, followed by 3 further workshops as part of a series. I’m bringing you my BEST STUFF. Its going to be really powerful and juicy in content. In addition I’ll be inviting you to be part of the ‘intuitive motherhood village’, a gorgeously supportive online community Facebook group.

I wanted to give you the ‘heads up’ so you can jump right in if your heart feels called. Check it out and join in here.

Mama Maria xoxo

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