Yesterday you may have cried. Today you can dance

I love how every day we get to start again.

We can choose to do the same things or do things differently. We have the power.

Baby on backJenny (left image) chose to forget about schedules and worries about sleep. She didn’t let being a single mother stop her.

She decided to make her day fun for both her and her baby.

She arrived a an early morning Nia dance class with her baby in a sling ready to start the day with music, movement, magic!

Her baby was settled and happy. Sometimes smiling, sometimes just taking in all the sights and sounds and people.

He’s used to it. Jenny has been bringing him to her dance classes since he was 10 weeks old.


She gets it:

  • When she includes her baby in her busy day she helps his brain development by filling up his sensory tank with sights, sounds, smells, movement and other people
  • Sling-wearing provides womb-like movement. All this movement, closeness and touch is ideal for meeting her baby’s sensory needs. When this sensory tank is full from daytime activities her baby is able to consolidate sleep more easily in the night.
  • She knows that dance and exercise releases positive chemicals in the bloodstream that help lift her mood when feeling sluggish or down.
  • She gets stuff done…yes all those jobs and shopping and creating and connecting!
  • She gets her needs met with baby in tow. This means she is happier. Because she has received for herself she has more to give her baby and others!
So NOW its YOUR turn. DO it girl! Do these things and create a day you and your baby LOVE:
  • Forget about your strict schedules and controlling your baby’s sleep…. Just let it goooooooooooo!!!!!!!  relax and let things unfold naturally
  • Put your baby in a sling (or hold him if you don’t have one) and DANCE, yes! put on your fav music and move and groove with your baby. have fun! Don’t stop till you are smiling :)
  • Write down 3 things you LOVE to do and start planning to do them. Find places that will allow you to bring your baby.
  • Let me know in the comments below what these 3 things are. I’d love to hear from YOU.
Know that I am celebrating you, cheering you from the sidelines. I love that you care so much about your baby to read this blog and to choose to have a brighter day.
You are a beautiful mother. The best mother for your baby.
With big love
XX Maria

Mama Maria xoxo

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