Meet my wisdom teachers who are changing the world + get activated for change

Meet my wisdom teachers who are changing the world + get activated for change

There are two women leaders who have changed me forever. They are a big part the reason this work is so rich in wisdom. They are the essence of what the intuitive motherhood is all about.

I had the privilege of spending time with BOTH of them again last month. It was SO AMAZING.

After basking in their presence, I was so filled up, my heart was open and overflowing, my awareness was sharp and ON. My body felt like it was renewing itself without me doing a thing. Deep peace. Deep rest.

I immediately sunk into gratitude as I remembered the potential impact of the work that I share with you.

I remembered in my cells the incredible power of the simple tools, short teachings and daily practices that I share in my blogs, social media and in The Intuitive Motherhood Program (currently in session… you may get on the waitlist here).

My journey of transformation through motherhood myself…. from pain to pleasure (chronic back pain with some post-natal anxiety and depression) … Has been a story of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Pure and potent transformation.

And I haven’t got there alone.

With the practices learned from these two women, I got to embody so much of what I needed:

To “stand in my mama power”.

To be less reactive and way more aware

To be calm, playful and expressive

To stay open-heartedness & connected whilst managing pain, worry and overwhelm.

To find my boundary with a fierce yet loving roar.

These women, my master teachers, are on the leading edge of wisdom and are impacting thousands and millions of people across the globe. Their teachings enhance the spiritual and embodiment aspects of my work.

It’s about time I introduce them to you 🙂

The first is Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as “Amma”, the hugging mother. Some even call her a living saint like Mother Teresa. She is all about unconditional mother love and spends her hours, days and years embracing all who come to her with the love of the most compassionate mother you would ever meet.

Amma has shown me how to open to more of this unconditional love and how to bring it to my children and to mothers who need mothering themselves. She helped me learn how to manage emotions and master my mindset through breath and meditation, and, by nature of who she is, has gifted me with a whole lot of personal healing too.  She travels the world and visits Australia every couple of years or so.  You can read an article on one of her visits here.

She has set up countless charities around the world, and while she is regarded as one of India’s foremost spiritual leaders, Amma says that the only religion is love. It is the essence of who we are.

My other profound wisdom teacher is Debbie Rosas. She created a movement practice called Nia. It’s all about the wisdom of the body. Oh, my gosh.. she has woken me up! With the pleasure I now experience in my body and being-ness it’s hard to believe that I was in so much pain and desperation all those years ago!

I’ve learned how to be a strong, powerfully aware woman and mother. Instead of parenting from my head, I now drop into my body and use both intellect and intuitive awareness together.  With this, everything has shifted.

I finally feel free to be myself and live into my potential… in a fully embodied way .. bringing ALL of me- body, mind, emotions and spirit.

As I often say to the mothers I mentor. The work of Intuitive Motherhood is like an iceberg. You only see the tip of it above the water. The part underneath that you don’t see is HUGE. It’s all this wisdom (along with the parenting science) that goes into the simple ‘how-tos’ I share with you.

So beautiful, what does this all mean for YOU and US? How can YOU get activated for the change you are seeking?

Firstly, if you haven’t done the Intuitive Motherhood Program, hop on the waitlist here. I plan to run it again this year… Each time it’s upgraded in content and has KAPOW impact for your gorgeous benefit!

Secondly, if you can get to Nia classes and training, GO! If you live in Australia find out more here.  If international, go here.

Thirdly, expect more Amma-inspired meditations and processes to help you mother yourself and bring that calm open-hearted presence to your children. If you need some 1:1 support from me, go here.

Lastly, tell me YOUR experience of wisdom keepers. Which leaders have inspired you the most, and what changed you? It would be wonderful if you would share in the comments below.

So glad you are on this journey with me as we go deeper together in wisdom.

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With so much mama love,

Mama Maria xoxo

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