What if you just ‘let go’

What if you just ‘let go’

I’ve been thinking of you, wondering if you’ve also been feeling the squeeze of life? Many mothers are saying they’ve been feeling challenged…. in a way that demands something gives.

Some are saying they’ve had a jolt of knowing, “this is not working anymore!!!”.

For the sensitives, it’s a feeling that “change is in the air’

Interestingly this coincides with the year drawing to a close…. A great time to reflect, and consider, “What do I need to let go of?”

It’s only when we leave a void, an ‘empty space’, that something ‘new’ can come in.

And yes there’s an art to ‘letting go’. It can mean not having to be in control, not having to be right, and not having to push for the answers straight away.

It can mean, and usually does mean, tolerating the vulnerability of uncertainty, allowing ourselves to embrace the “I don’t know yet”, letting things unravel and reconfigure in new ways. Being open to different possibilities. It can mean honoring the impulse to say “no thank you. Not anymore, or maybe a bit differently next year”.

It can mean experimenting and making space to ‘change our mind’, casting our eyes in a new direction. It can mean asking for help and training ourselves to stop, listen, notice and wait.

More easily said than done.

Meditation helps.
Walking in nature helps.
Getting off devices helps.

Journaling, dancing, being creative, playing with the kids can allow the energy of the old to move through…. and the answers of the new to finally land.

Whispers of truth, nudges in certain directions, answers to your questions through mouths of friends, or a certain ‘noticing’ that happens when you’re in flow and alert for the YES!

Your vision of 2018 will start to line up. What you need to do will start to become clearer and clearer.

So, as you stay open and present in the now ‘muck’ or the not-knowing … hold in your mind’s eye the intention of your heart.

Ask yourself the question, “What is it I truly desire”? “What do I really want for myself and my family?”

Give yourself permission to let go of old ways, thoughts, dysfunctional patterns, outmoded agreements, and feelings that no longer support your truth.

With a breath of self-kindness trust that it will land where it needs to.

“It’s safe to let go,” is my mantra.

“I trust there are greater wisdom and love that my mind can know”

You’ve got this.









With so much love,

Mama Maria xoxo

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