I’ve been quieter- HERE’S WHY (and what’s next for you) …

I’ve been quieter- HERE’S WHY (and what’s next for you) …

It feels like those early weeks after you give birth. The days are long, the nights are restless and the weeks seem to roll into each other.

Time is different. It’s fast and slow at the same time. The to-do list has all but gone out the window and into responsive mode…. being there for your little one as well as keeping your head above water.

This sound familiar?

With or without a newborn our own lives can be like this as well.

There are seasons. Up-beat and action-orientated, along with the quiet and introspective seasons. It’s when we lie low and regroup before we move forward.

Sometimes our children evoke this season is us… with their challenges and illnesses.

Sometimes it’s because we just need rest or want to hibernate.

And other times there is a stirring within our own self to slow down. To listen. “there is something new coming your way”, is the sensation, your intuition.

For me, this year has felt like an unfolding, a regrouping, a deepening of what I’m here to share as my ‘life purpose’ work.

I presented at a National Conference in March on ‘Self-love for Mothers’, taking the mentoring work I’ve been doing with my clients in a public space. I felt ‘at home’ sharing my passion for the tools of personal empowerment and transformation. The eagerness of the mothers to change, to be ‘better’ for their children was palpable.
And the relief that it can be fun and done in baby steps was evident.

I was then in a car accident, given the ‘opportunity’ to use my mindset and embodiment tools to heal and open myself to whatever my soul was wanting to communicate.

My practice is to put my soul in the front seat and my ego in the back. I do this because I want to be in alignment with what’s real, true and meaningful to me at a deep level. I keep asking the question, “what next?”, and I have to be brave to let go of things that no longer resonate.

Amongst these few months of feeling more Yin energy (inner-focused, softer, receptive, no push) I’ve come to know the truths that are unfolding for me:

  • The Intuitive Motherhood Program is changing lives and is here to stay. In fact, it’s having an overhaul for our next group program in October 2018. Get on the waitlist here


  • My abundance of Motherhood tips and parenting wisdom need to be shared on a regular basis for you (hence I’m growing my team so this can happen without the business stress – oh my I need help with technology!). Expect regular quality content coming your way!


  • Collaboration is calling me again. Beautiful feminine empowerment teachings and products are currently being recreated in flow with my dear friend and colleague.


  • I am seeding the possibility of a retreat next year with other women leaders including another divine friend who is also well-known in the area of motherhood (watch this space :))

And what about YOU beautiful? What are the things being stripped away for something ‘new’ to be part of your life?

It could be a change in your thoughts, beliefs, people or things. It could be choices that have worked for you before that are now becoming stale and outdated.

It could even be your parenting ways that feel like they need to be refreshed.
Or it could be that you are wanting to prioritize your self-care or your relationships.

It could be that you have a voice arising inside you, one that needs to express how you really feel, what you really need.

It could be a decision to reach out and be part of a different community, maybe one that is more like-minded.

Listen to your inner voice beautiful. Slow down, get out in nature and hear her whisper new truth. Then be brave. Take action from the inspiration you get. Start with baby steps and know that you are being divinely supported (even when you don’t feel it).

I would love to hear what inspiration you are getting, what is arising in you as a new truth, a change? Please tell us in the comments below, and forward this to other mamas you care about so we can all move forward together xo

With Love,

Mama Maria xoxo

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